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Is the 787 Dreamliner Safe? A CBS This Morning Report

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This past weekend a test flight of Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner raised new concerns about the aircraft’s safety and design.

During the test at a Charleston, South Carolina airport, engine parts fell to the ground causing a grass fire and closing the airport for more than an hour.

No one was hurt during the incident, but this is just the latest concern raised over the Dreamliner, which was initially delayed for 3 years with production problems.

In February, Boeing ordered inspections on all planes after defects in the 787 fuselage were discovered. Earlier this month, Japanese airline ANA grounded the Dreamliner due to problems with engines manufactured by Rolls Royce. Following Saturday’s test, there are now questions regarding the operation of 787s with GE-powered engines.

There are two potential issues with the engine: either a compressor failure or a turnbine blade disintegration. More importantly, the National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) will be l0oking at whether this is an isolated problem with one engine or a systemic issue.

Peter joined the team at CBS this morning to offer some perspective on the situation. Yes, the 787 has had high-profile delays and incidents, but so too did the 747. Watch the CBS This Morning report to see what is to come for Boeing’s 787.

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