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Travel Tip: All-You-Can-Fly Airlines

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In today’s world of nickel and diming, it seems impossible that some airlines would actually let you take unlimited flights. But they’re out there.

The newest option is called Surf Air, which is launching this year with service to cities throughout California.

It’s mostly targeted toward business travelers, so it’s not looking to be a standard airline. The way it works is you get a monthly membership, with a minimum of 3 months, that gets you unlimited flights between Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Santa Barbara and Pebble Beach.

For the last three years, JetBlue has offered its own versions of all-you-can fly passes during the slow months of September and October.  So keep watching this space closer to fall.

Year-round, Air Canada has a Flight Pass program with 8 different variations from local commuter flights to international travel to the U.S. and Mexico. With the program, you pay for a set amount of non-refundable flight credits that can be used to fly within a specific region.

Another option is to look at alliance programs. When you fly on partnered airlines, you can actually design a round-the-world itinerary or air passes within specific regions.  Just pay attention to the restrictions and you can create a really worthwhile itinerary.

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