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Travel Tip: Airplane Food Worth Noting

Locations in this article:  Hong Kong

Some people choose airlines based on their seating, or their amenities. But some airlines are hoping that you’ll actually pay attention to…their food! I’m serious, so listen up.

For starters, there’s the guy who’s generally known as the Chef of the Century. I’m talking about Joël Robuchon, who has teamed up with Air France to create the business-class menu.

Heading to Hong Kong? You won’t be disappointed on the way there with Cathay Pacific’s menu designed by top-tier chefs. But here’s the real secret: you want to ask the flight attendants for the duck noodle soup, which is available anytime on the flight.

One of the best-known chefs in Australia is Neil Perry, who has a long-term partnership with Qantas.

And Air New Zealand isn’t just known for its exceptional food—it also has a really impressive wine list developed by sommeliers.

But the real bottom line is that in most cases, I have to give most airlines a pass when it comes to the food. At that altitude, there are real challenges that can affect your sense of taste and smell, so not all of them will be winners. When in doubt…bring your own snacks.

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