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Travel Tip: DIY Distilleries

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Sure, taking a tour followed by a tasting is the classic way to visit a distillery. But here’s the problem: Once you visit a few places, it all becomes a big blur. And that’s exactly why you want to look for hands-on experiences.

As you might expect, a handful of distilleries in Scotland offer this kind of activity. At the Glengoyne Distillery, opt for the Master Blender Session or Masterclass. That’s where you’ll learn how to create and bottle your own Scotch whisky blend.

Also in Scotland is the Benromach Speyside Distillery where, in addition to tutored tastings, visitors learn how to hand-fill their own bottles.

Closer to home, the Woodford Reserve Distillery is home to Bourbon Academy. These are day-long classes where guests get hands-on lessons as well as tastings and a bourbon lunch.

But if you’re a true fanatic, you may want to fly somewhere unexpected: Hobart, Tasmania. A four-day experience at Lark Distillery gets you access to every step of the process, from digging peat in the highlands to filling the 20-liter casks. Now that’s the kind of experience that you can bring home with you!

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