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Foodie Round-Up: The Complete Guide to Macarons in Paris

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A few weeks ago, Peter posted his Paris routine, including macarons at Ladurée. Courtney Crockett was reading closely and decided to take on the challenge of finding  other macaron havens in Paris. After just one weekend of 14 påtisseries. 27 flavors, 41 macarons and too many calories to count, check out her full rundown of classic and eccentric versions of Paris’ most famous pastries. 

Google seems to narrow the competition for the best “mac” down to just two famed påtisseries: Ladurée and Pierre Hermé, but are there really only two players in the game? I had to find out.

Both Ladurée nor Pierre Hermé make incredible macarons. There’s a reason nearly every foodie on the planet points you towards the two…they are sinfully good. Some Parisian authenticity, however, feels lost when you notice Ladurée has capitalized on their stardom by means of a fragrance collection. The rivals also share lines out their doors reminiscent of Disney World on Spring Break. But, go. Go to both. You’ll likely be too curious not too.

Ladurée’s new Strawberry Candy from their “Incroyables” line and Pierre Hermé’s Asperge Vert-Huile Noisett, asparagus with hazelnut oil, are staple starting points, should you need a hint. The stark contrast between the two will lead you to align with one more strongly than the other.


This will be the deciding factor in your tasting path. If you prefer Ladurée, you are a classic. You love simple flavors like Raspberry and Vanilla, and all the adventure you need is Raspberry-Vanilla. If you, however, fancied Pierre Hermé, you are an eccentric. You crave flavors that send your taste buds to a place they’ve never been, like Olive Oil-Mandarin or Chocolate-Foie Gras.

Sure, you can intermingle with both styles, but if you’re a classic you won’t want to waste more than a few Euros on those crazy mash-ups. Likewise, if you’re an eccentric, you know you can find a quality chocolate indulgence almost anywhere on the map… but you’re in Paris; it’s time for Hazelnut-White Truffle and Wasabi.