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Travel Tip: Traffic Apps

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Nothing sets the tone for a road trip than traffic conditions—and with gas prices where they are, nobody wants to get stuck in gridlock. The good news? There are a number of helpful apps out there.

One recent study tracked drivers for 30 days and found that 20 percent of smartphone users now rely on real-time traffic information.

Of course, there’s always the old standby, Google Maps. Its traffic feature stays current so it alerts you to the amount of congestion on the road. But you also want to know how to avoid the traffic, right?

Check out Waze, a navigation app that relies on other users to share where the traffic is. It helps you find alternate routes and avoid the jams.

Of course, the catch here is that it’s all about crowdsourcing, so it depends on how many other users are providing information.

And then there’s Inrix, which is a great resource for real-time traffic data—it will tell you if there are accidents, construction, or other jams.

But I can’t stress this enough…these apps can be lifesavers when it comes to avoiding traffic, but don’t become a victim of distracted driving. Pull over or have a passenger check these apps for you.

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