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Buenos Aires Like a Local & Peter’s Top 5 Argentina Tips

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Peter’s Top Five Tips for Experiencing Buenos Aires Like a Local

Get off the computer

In Buenos Aires, the Teatro Colón opera house has a website, but guess what…not all performances or seats are listed. When you go to the box office, they’ll tell you all of the shows that aren’t available online.

Eat Like a Local

Instead of stopping at a cafe in San Telmo, check out Mercado de San Telmo to check out the food stalls and the old-school seltzer dispensers.

Visit Residential Neighborhoods

Belgrano is Buenos Aires’ main residential neighborhood. Far from just a sleepy suburb, you’ll find a real diversity of people going about their day to day lives. Check out the busy Chinatown area and make time for a soccer game.

Make your own excursion

You’ll find tour operators waiting to put you on a bus or boat to Tigre or the Parana Delta, but instead of following the tourists there on the weekend, head out during the week to beat the crowds and hang with the locals.

Go to local hot spots

A concierge will be the first to send to a tango class, but that won’t be the local experience. For a local’s weekend, head out to at La Glorieta de Belgrano in the Barrancas de Belgrano, where locals dance the night away. And if you show up early, you’ll get tango tips from veteran dancers eager to share their moves.

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