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Travel Tip: Disaster Protection

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It seems like the news has been full of travel disasters, from the Costa Concordia crash to riots in foreign countries. Here’s what you need to know if you’re stuck in the middle of a bad situation.

Your first rule of defense knowing that you’re protected in a time of crisis.

The bad news is, if your trip is interrupted or canceled because of civil unrest or an act of God, those are often excluded from most travel insurance policies.

That said, even though insurance may not cover your out-of-pocket expenses, your provider may be able to help get you out of harm’s way by offering emergency assistance.

Ask if your provider has English-speaking advocates in your destination and access to chartered planes or other emergency systems

Make sure you have medical coverage…personal medical insurance just doesn’t apply overseas.

But it’s not just about who will take you to the nearest hospital. You want to be airlifted to a hospital of your choice…not the one that protects your provider’s bottom line.

Look for medical evacuation programs like MedJet Assist or TravelGuard and ask the hard questions before you sign on the dotted line



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