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You’ve told us how you travel–click here to see contributor contest winner Marie LeRose’s first entry–and now we want to see your travel.

This month’s contest asks you to go through your photo archives to share your favorite photos of memorable travel experiences. We don’t just want to see pretty sunsets and scenic landscapes. We want to see photos of travel experiences we all can recreate.

Every week, we’ll ask you to show us a different travel experience of local culture. Then, on March 29th we’ll announce the top five finalists who will be taking home one year subscriptions to AFAR magazine (note subscriptions are available for U.S. residents only).

Every day we’ll be uploading and sharing your travel photographs right here. We’ll also feature our top entries in our newsletter (sign up on the homepage) on Facebook on Twitter and on our new Pintrest account.

This week’s photos ask you to make a wish. So many destinations and cultures have traditions based on wishes coming true. Did you toss a coin into a fountain? Wish on a star? Send us an image tied to a wish, your personal wish, a wishing tradition, or a wish fulfilled.

Email your contests entries to Check back every day to see the wishes that we post.

Note: Each entrant represents and warrants that the photo: (a) is his/her original work, and (b) does not violate the copyright of any third party. By entering, each entrant grants the right to use his/her photo entry, in whole or in part, with no compensation due to the entrant, in perpetuity, in all manner or media we may do to promote this photography contest. However, you will retain the copyright to your photo(s) and we will not sell your photo(s).

Nepal. Credit: Rachael Weaver

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I wanted to share my trip to Nepal thru Edge of 7. I've dreamed of taking a trip to a third world country for many years, but never had quiet the right opportunity. Then in July 2011 I heard about Edge of 7 and what they were doing for communities in Nepal. They teamed up with a local non profit, The Small World, and worked hands on with villages to find out what their needs where. Then worked tirelessly to meet those needs. As soon as I heard that it was a two day hike to the village, I said Sign ME up!! We departed for the Nepal last Nov and were in the village for 6 days working side by side with the Nepalis people to build the 7th and 8th grade class rooms. Without these classrooms children were walking over 6 hours to attend school. Most just couldn't commit to it and dropped out. Now they can go to school and continue to help the family at home. The entire experience was a dream come true. Everything and more then I dreamed of. They say that a trip like that will change you, well I'm here to say it most certainly does. I can't wait to get back to Nepal someday soon!