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Radio Show Guest List, Taichung, Taiwan, February 11, 2012

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It’s the year of the dragon and there’s no better place to celebrate than Taiwan’s Lantern Festival. From local restaurateurs to tea house experts, Peter explores what’s new in Taiwan this year. Plus, as always, he has the latest travel news and up-to-the minute destination coverage, include last-minute Valentine’s Day deals.

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Guests include:

Anne Banas, executive editor for Smarter Travel, advises listeners on traveling in Euro zone countries and using travel insurance to take back control of our vacations.

Joshua Brown, Lonely Planet author, shares his Taiwan travel tips to explain why this land of nature and culture should be on your travel bucket list.

Doug Cutchins, co-author of Volunteer Vacations: Eleventh Edition, covers the facts about volunteer vacations from how the process works to choosing the options for you and the scope on why these vacations are gaining popularity.

Catharine Hamm, Los Angeles Times deputy travel editor, spills the secrets every travel consumer needs to know for 2012.

Doni Belau, founder of Girls’ Guide to Paris, clues us in on her expert tips on experiencing the magic of Paris.

Patrick Ke, restaurant manager for Hotel One in Taichung, talks about the tastes of Taiwan.

Brad Wilson, Travelocity’s chief marketing officer, gets in gear for Valentine’s Day with the most romantic hotel deals.

Angela (Yen-Ling) Liu, tea house expert, talks about the rich tradition of Taiwan’s tea houses.

Stanley Turkel, author of Built To Last: 100+ Year-Old Hotels in New York, tells us how these hotels managed to survive and thrive in New York for over a century.

The Lantern Festival

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