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Travel Tip: What to Look for in Luggage

Luggage manufacturers are constantly advertising the latest bells and whistles, but there a few things that any well-made bag better have.

First look at the handle, if the handle isn’t fastened properly to the bag, and by properly, I mean not just stitched but bolted outside the bag, then the handle will bend, break and finally completely fall apart.

Also make sure the handle is not built inside the bag, which takes up space and offsets the balance–meaning it could just topple over.

Speaking of falling over, there are a few engineering basics all good luggage needs. A bag should be able to stand up straight on its own with the wheels. It should also have a low center of gravity, so that you won’t trip over it while being wheeled through the airport.

Material matters too. Leather may look sleek, but it’s usually quite heavy. And hard suitcase may appear sturdy, but in product testing these are usually the first bags to crack and break.

When investing in new luggage, and trust me it’s an investment, warranty matters. Read the fine print and look for a warranty that actually covers more than just wear and tear.

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