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Travel Tip: Are Preferred Seats Worth It?

Airlines make billions of dollars each year in ancillary fees, and one of the most profitable programs is the preferred seat system. But what’s the definition of a preferred seat, and is it worth the extra price?

Turns out, a preferred seat isn’t necessarly a window or an aisle seat. Middle seats can be preferred if they’re near the front of the plane. Even seats near the back of the plane have been labeled preferred seats too.

It’s all about supply and demand. On some flights, the better seats will be gobbled up by business travelers. But the airlines will block off seats that aren’t necessarily better and call them “preferred.”

What they’re counting on is that fliers who don’t have guaranteed seats will feel pressured into paying extra.

Another target is families who can’t find adjacent seats when they book their ticket. They end up paying to guarantee seats together, instead of scrambling at the gate.

And then there are those who don’t want to pay to check their bags, but end up paying the fee for early boaring, just to get space in the overhead bins.

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