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Travel Tip: Seeing Northern Lights

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Forget Vegas or Times Square, one of the most amazing light shows in the world is the Northern Light. And we’re coming up on the best time of year to see them

One of the best places to view the lights in North America is Churchill, Manitoba, about 600 miles north of Winnipeg, Canada.

Your best bet is to go between January and March when sightings are regular. A handful of companies will take you on a guided tour along the frozen tundra.

But if you want to stay indoors, the Churchill Northern Studies Centre and the Aurora Domes have heated indoor facilities where you can see the lights.

Another way to get a front-row view is on a coastal cruise. Hurtigruten Cruises has aurora borealis sailing up the Norwegian coast between December and March.

But get this: You don’t have to leave the country to see the Northern Lights. In Michigan, the Northern Lights are sometimes visible on the Keweenaw Peninsula. Just drive up Brockway Mountain-the highest scenic roadway between the Rockies and the Alleghenies, to get the best view.

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