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Travel Tip: Unusual Ways to Whale Watch

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Winter means its whale-watching season as whales migrate south to warm, shallow waters.

There are plenty of boat cruises leaving from Dana Point in Southern California. But what’s cool about Captain Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Safari is that the catamaran has an underwater viewing pod. This is much more experiential than a typical glass-bottomed boat. Be prepared to look a whale in the eye as he swims only feet from the glass pod.

Or head to Silver Bank in the Dominican Republic for a chance to float alongside the humpback whales. Conscious Breath Adventures has a rare permit that allows you to float on the surface of a marine mammal sanctuary. The whales’ natural curiosity may actually draw them close to you.

How about whale camp? Blue Waters has an intensive, 5-day experience in San Ignacio Lagoon in Baja California, where thousands of whales migrate every winter. The trip is led by expert marine biologists, and you’ll also get to explore a research station and help identify wildlife in the nearby tide pools.

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