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Travel Tip: E-Bikes

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You’ve heard of electric cars, but what about electric bikes? That’s right, this eco-friendly trend is growing rapidly in cities around the world.

E-bikes involve battery-powered vehicles so you have the option to pedal the old-fashioned way, or kick it up with electric power.

One of the best places in the world to try it out is the Swiss Alps, where you can use the extra boost to ascend steep hills and go over passes. You don’t have to worry about running out of juice, because there are at least 600 spots throughout the country where you can swap batteries for free.

And while you may know Hertz for its fleet of cars, the company also rents out electric bikes in Spain and the UK.

Another great resource is the Electric Bike Network for rentals and routes throughout England.

And here in the U.S., electric bikes are growing especially popular in major urban zones like San Francisco and New York as well as beach communities like San Diego.

Pick up an electric bike at Fisherman’s Wharf through Explore San Francisco and zip right up those city hills.

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Image credit via Flickr Creative Commons US Mission Geneva