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The Story Behind the Story: Vivian Deuschl

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Peter Greenberg takes a moment to thank Vivian Deuschl for shaping the travel industry.

It’s not often that professional journalists celebrate professional publicists, but when it comes to Vivian Deuschl, many of us are happy to make the exception.

I call this “The Story Behind the Story” because Vivian, who just let her long time post at the Ritz Carlton, was the exception. She was directly responsible for some of the most interesting, cutting edge stories you may have seen on TV, read in newspapers or magazines, and yes, heard on radio. So many of those stories started as Vivian’s idea.

I also call your attention to a blog from my friend Joe Sharkey from The New York Times. It’s worth reading.

While Vivian has now left Ritz-Carlton, she clearly has not left the travel industry. More great ideas from Vivian are sure to flow very very soon!

By Peter Greenberg for Peter