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Travel Tip: Luggage Repair and Warranties

If you’ve ever broken a luggage strap or had a suitcase lose a wheel, please raise your hand? Wear and tear on luggage is normal when you’re traveling, but there are things you can do.

Not all luggage warranties are created equal. Briggs & Riley has a lifetime guarantee that truly lives up to the name. If your luggage is damaged or broken Briggs & Riley will repair it free of charge, for life.

Designer brand Tumi has a five-year warranty, but pay attention to the fine print. Your first year gives you complete coverage free of charge; but for years two through five, any damage as a result of wear and tear is your problem.

Despite the best warranty, sometimes you find yourself on the road with broken luggage? No need to panic, just search the Yellow pages for a local repairman or shoemaker. They all have the tools necessary to repair damaged luggage.

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