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Travel Tip: Getting Around the 3-1-1 Rule

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Believe it or not, the TSA has continued to implement the ridiculous liquid ban on airplanes. But with necessity being the mother of invention, manufacturers are coming up with creative ways to get around that 3-ounce rule.

Ever heard of chewable toothpaste? A company called Lush Cosmetics makes a chewable tablet that not only saves room in your toiletry kit, but eliminates the need for toothpaste tubes of any size.

Or how about powered toothpaste? At around $7 a bottle, Eco-Dent is about half the weight of traditional toothpaste–you supply the water yourself.

For those who don’t go anywhere without hand sanitizer, consider carrying a pack of towelettes instead of bottled liquid. Not only are they great for cleaning your hands, but you can use them to wipe down the arm rests, seat trays and door knobs when you travel.

Last, but not least, look for solid alternatives to liquids wherever possible. We’re talking sunblock sticks and small rollers of perfumes to carry on the flight. All it takes is some creative thinking and you can beat the TSA at its own game.

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