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Travel Tip: The Fine Print of Pet-Friendly Hotels

Locations in this article:  Los Angeles, CA San Diego, CA

I get it, our pets are part of the family. But do your research ahead of time or you may find it costs more to take them on the road than to leave them at home.

Although many hotels advertise as being pet-friendly, what they don’t broadcast is how much it can cost. Even if you’re staying at a familiar brand, don’t assume prices and policies are the same across the board.

Hyatt’s Andaz brand in Los Angeles and San Diego charges a non-refundable $150 to keep a pet in the room. In its New York locations, that fee is $100.

Hilton’s Doubletree brand has several pet-friendly properties, with costs ranging from $50 to $75.

Kimpton Hotels doesn’t charge for pets, but any advertised extras, like dog walking and sitting, will come at a cost.

And pretty much any pet-friendly hotel will require you to sign a waiver that makes you responsible for any damage caused by your pet. And, you guessed it…it’s up to the hotel to determine how much they’ll charge you for that.

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