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Travel Tip: Save Money On Gas When Traveling

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There’s not much we can do to control prices at the pump.

But there are several small steps you can take to save on your next road trip.

It’s true that pumps near the highway tend to be pricey.

It may be inconvenient, but often times, driving a mile or two out of your way is worth it.

But pay attention to the neighborhood. When property taxes are higher, you’re likely to see that reflected in the price of a gallon.

Use technology to streamline your search.

There’s my favorite resource,, which relies on real people to report fuel prices in real time.

It’s also got a trip calculator that shows the cheapest gas on your route as well as a mobile app that lets you search for cheap gas from your smartphone. has a similar feature that identifies gas prices at stations on your drive. actually color codes gas prices based on how recently the information was updated.

And while it’s a no-brainer that proper maintenance is the key to fuel efficiency, even the little things count.

Believe it or not, loose fuel caps lead to 147 million gallons of fuel lost to evaporation each year.

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