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Guest List – HarborWalk Village, Destin, Florida – Aug. 6, 2011

Travel and sports have more in common than your might think, and no one knows about these similarities better than NFL player and Travel Channel host Dhani Jones, who sits down with Peter to talk about his new book.

Remember the last birthday gift you asked for? Chances are,  it wasn’t money to bring technology to a school in Africa. But that’s exactly what Anna Seibert, a volunteer traveler with Light of Hope School in Kenya, wanted for her birthday and she shares the details of the school’s new fund.

And as Florida continues to recover from last summer’s oil spill, Peter talks to hotel executives, restaurateurs and local business owners about Florida’s tourist economy and why the Gulf remains a great summer travel destination.

On Saturday August 6, 2011, Peter Greenberg Worldwide radio broadcasts from the Emerald Grande at HarborWalk Village in Destin, Florida.

Scott McCartney, “The Middle Seat” columnist for The Wall Street Journal,  discusses the debt agreement and what it means for both the travel industry and the consumer.

George Hobica, founder of, gives his insight on end-of-summer deals, new frequent-flier programs, and the new perks with American and United’s credit cards.

Buffy Stevenson, owner of Heligirl Aviation, describes how she set out for a midlife career change and found herself a grandmother and a helicopter pilot.

Sarah K, owner and chef at Sarah K’s Gourmet, offers up her favorite Destin foods and the secret to her specialty: crab cakes.

Dhani Jones, NFL player, host of Dhani Tackles the Globe, and author of The Sportsman: Unexpected Lessons from an Around-the-World Sports Odyssey, talks about how both sports and travel unlock a common passion in people.

Tim Edward, vice president of Fudpuckers Gator Beach, and Tim Morrinelli, gator handler, share their experiences handling more than 80 live alligators, how they care for these reptiles, and maintain a safe environment.

Bruce Craul, the CEO of Emerald Grande resort in Destin, gives his take on tourism in the first summer after the Gulf oil spill and the ongoing economic and environmental recovery on the coast.

Anna Seibert, a volunteer traveler with Light of Hope School in Kenya, tells the exciting details of her voluntourism experience working program and the technology fund she created on behalf of the students.

Joy Jernigan, the senior travel editor for MSNBC Digital Network, provides direct tips for the best apps for tracking and booking flights, language and money conversion, travel itineraries, and hotel information.

Greg Featherstone speaks about his transition from a military veteran to a harbor master and how he managed the harbor after the Gulf Spill.

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