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Travel Tip: Secret Seats In Coach

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We don’t expect a lot out of flying coach these days, but in reality, there are some coach seats are better than others, and I’m not talking about the bulkheads seats or the exit row.

Here’s how you can find those secret seats in coach.

Yes, those exit-row and bulkhead seats are great options on short-haul flights. But on longer flights, they’re not a great deal.

We’re talking seatbacks that don’t recline, immoveable armrests, and your legs might be pressed up against the wall.

The only reason to have a bulkhead seat is for young kids, so if they want to kick somebody, they’re not kicking me.

On United, Delta and American 757s, the secret seats are either 9A and 9F or 10A and 10F.

Why? Because there are no seats in front of them. You’ve got a window seat that you can actually get up and walk in front of you on–you don’t have to climb over anyone else.

On a British Airways 747, it’s actually the middle seat that you want, way in the back of the plane: 51 and 52B, and 51 and 52J.

Why? Because they’re not 3 across and the seat next to you don’t exist–lots of extra leg room.

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