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European Travel Warnings Issued as Terrorism & Security Concerns Grow

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European Travel Warnings Issued as Terrorism & Security Concerns Grow

Europe Fears a Mumbai-Style Terror AttackA mass of travel alerts, including one from the U.S. State
Department, have been issued to Europe this week, following the discovery of a
terrorist plot last week. 

On Wednesday, European security officials announced that they had uncovered a
terror plot to attack major cities in Britain, France and Germany.

The terror plot would use Mumbai-style tactics
to capture and execute Western hostages.

In response to the information, the Obama administration issued a cryptic
warning to all travelers heading to Europe. According to the travel alert, there
existed a “potential for terrorist attacks in Europe,” targeting “public
transportation systems and other tourist infrastructure.”

The alert advised U.S. citizens traveling and living in Europe to take
precautions and be aware of their surroundings in order to protect themselves.
The alert, however, did not go as far as to discourage Americans from traveling
to Europe.

Anti-Gun Sign - Travel Warnings Issued for EuropeIn a teleconference with the media on Sunday, Under
Secretary for Management Patrick F. Kennedy told reporters that Americans needed
to use common sense while in Europe. He advised American to be wary of
unattended packages and to register with the American embassy.

Kennedy and other travel experts also advised American travelers to refrain from
luggage baggage tags or clothing would directly identify them as Americans.

Terrorism experts, however, have complained about the vagueness of the U.S.
alert, saying that because the alert is not country specific, it limits the
amount of precautions travelers can make.

Sweden and Japan Foreign Ministry issued similarly vague alerts for their own
citizens in Europe on Monday. The travel alerts for both countries did not
single out a specific country, but did advise citizens to be cautious while
using public transportation and while visiting tourism sites. 

Only the United Kingdom named specific countries in its travel alert to British
citizens. Britain’s Foreign Office warned travelers that the terror threat was
high in France and Germany.

Germany, meanwhile, has expressed its doubts about the severity of the threat
from terrorist plot. Ironically, the country may have the strongest ties to the
alleged pot.

Earlier today, Pakistani intelligence reported that eight militants of German
nationality were killed in an alleged American drone strike near the Afghan
border. Pakistani officials say the German militants were members of a group
called Jihad Islami and were believer to be in the region for terrorist

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