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Travel Tip: Vacation Rental Property Resources

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Travel Tip: Vacation Rental Property Resources

If you’re not someone who enjoys staying in a hotel, there are plenty of alternate accommodations out there. Here are some of the sites that can help the planning process.

You’ve heard of vacation rentals, and you’ve heard of timeshares.

Well, one site, called, or Resort Rentals by Owner, brings the two concepts together. The way it works is timeshare owners can rent out their properties to travelers.

As a renter, that means you get all the amenities of an apartment or villa that’s part of a larger resort, without having to make any commitment or sit through a two-hour pitch.

In fact, you might be surprised to learn that about 60 percent of timeshare owners try to rent or trade their units.

If you’re already a timeshare owner, a new site called provides a place for owners to exchange properties for free.

Say you have a timeshare in Orlando, and you want to spend a week in Hawaii. You can connect with another owner and swap places at no charge.

And then there’s a new vacation rental site that rewards late planners. provides listing of vacation rentals, and the closer to the check-in date, the more the price drops.

So in this case, it actually pays to procrastinate.

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