Travel Tips: Advance Warning for Flight Delays & Lost Luggage

Want to know the most chronically delayed flight in America? It’s Comair Flight 6655 from Reagan National Airport to JFK. This short flight is delayed more than 85 percent of the time.

In fact, the top eight delayed flights are all from Comair, usually involving a flight in or out of JFK or Newark.

The DOT compiles data from the airlines every month.

And that information isn’t just for the airlines … it can help you plan your travels.

This data provides huge amount of information, such as passenger complaints, the number of involuntary passenger bumpings, and how many incidents took place with transporting pets.

Want to know which airline was the worst offender for mishandled bags?

In the first quarter of 2010, it was Atlantic Southeast Airlines, with 9.13 mishandled bags per 1,000 passengers.

The legacy carrier with the worst baggage score was American Airlines.

Check out the DOT’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics, or look up the Air Travel Consumer Report which is released monthly to get the down low on other airline offenders.

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