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Gulf Coast Oil Spill & Alabama Tourism – Hour 2 – PGW Radio

Gulf Shores Alabama Boardwalk & Beach - photo by Alabama Gulf Coast CVBOn Saturday, June 19, 2010, Peter tackled the topic of the oil spill and tourism live from the field as he broadcast his radio show from The Hangout in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Featured guests from the second hour of the show include:

Tom Ingram, Executive Director of the Diving Equipment & Marketing Association, talking about how the recreational scuba diving community can also participate in helping to protect their dive sites and assist in the clean up;

Roger Dow, President and CEO of US Travel Association, explaining how the travel industry and the Obama Administration are responding to the Gulf Coast crisis;

Tommy Lee, festival chairman of the 6th Annual Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival, chatting about the festival’s origins and what to expect this year;

Jean Michel Cousteau, son of ocean explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau, discussing the state of our waters and ocean conservation;

Rebecca Wilson, former television anchor, talking about off-the-beaten path activities in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

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