Travel Tips for Road Trips With Pets

Want to make sure your dog is included on a summer road trip? Here’s what you need to know to help protect you and your best friend on the road.

Of course it’s important to provide water on the road, but who wants to deal with wet car seats?

Look for travel-friendly no-spill bowls, or, keep it simple and fill the bowl with ice cubes instead.

Don’t forget to protect your car from damage. Mud and sand from a park or a beach can be a problem, so remember to cover up the seats with an old blanket or sheet.

Another reason to keep the back seat covered? Allergies.

That way it’s easy to wash the sheet and prevent the dog hair from spreading around the vehicle.

Here’s a common sense rule that many pet owners overlook: secure your animal in a well-ventilated crate or to use a restraint belt designed specifically for dogs.

That’s both for the dog’s safety … and the driver’s.

And while dogs need fresh air, remember that letting them stick their head out the window for long periods can cause damage to their ears and lungs, and puts them at risk of injury.

Before you go, check out the ASPCA and AAA, which both offer tips on how to hit the road–safely–with your pet.

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