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Rock Hounding Vacation

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You don’t have to be a scientist or heiress to enjoy rocks. There’s a low-impact activity called rock hounding that lets you dig for treasure, so get ready to unleash your inner geologist!

It is a good idea to plan ahead on these types of trips.

Try contacting a local college, university, or museum, and ask them to direct you to a group that goes out on expeditions.

Northeast of Zion National Park, are Utah’s west desert rock hounding areas.

Try the Dugway Geode Beds in Juab Country, where you can dig up crystal spheres known as geodes.

You can also check out the Topaz Mountain and Antelope Springs for different types of rocks.

Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas has a “finder’s keepers” policy for the diamonds, semi-precious stones, or rocks that you find, and the entrance fee is only $7 for adults.

Not a bad deal if you strike it rich.

As always, safety first. Take a friend with you, make sure you have access to the property you want to go to.

The Bureau of Land Management is a great resource for questions and concerns about legal hounding.

Collecting can be illegal in areas such as national parks in to protect resources, so check the local laws before you go.

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