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Jawbone Rogue headset - Bluetooth headsets for cell phonesDozens of new products introduced each week for cell phones and it’s up to gadget guy Phil Baker to uncover the standouts.  

Check out his roundup of five cell phone accessories that are both unique and useful without breaking the bank.

The Ventev Eco Charge is a small AC charger that all but eliminates “vampire power” while charging two devices at the same time.

Vampire power refers to the power a plugged-in charger consumes, even when it’s not in use.

Ventev Eco ChargeThis small charger has a built in USB port and a hard-wired micro USB cable. The prongs fold up and the charger is more powerful than some devices, delivering 1 amp of current. $30;

Waterfield is a San Francisco company that makes great bags and pouches for electronics in their San Francisco offices. Their Suede Jacket Cell Phone Case is one of the most efficient ways to protect your phone from scratches without adding bulk and weight. It’s an ultra-suede slipcase that can also be used to wipe your screen clean. Get the version with the stretchy knit pocket that will hold headphones or a Bluetooth headset. $13;

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CleverWraps make a line of resealable bags for keeping your cell phone free of sand and moisture. They come in a range of sizes and have both zip and adhesive seals.

Cleverwraps - Cell Phone CoversBest of all, the phone can still be used while sealed in the bag. While they’re sold for one-time use, the bags can really be used a number of times. Consider them the perfect accessory for taking your phone to the beach or on the ski slopes. About five for $8;

Is there a perfect, all in one charger for gadgets for both home and in a car? The Scosche HC12V powerFUZE – Home & Car USB Charging Kit comes about as close to perfect as anything I’ve seen. It’s a compact curvy box, about 2″ x 1″ x1″ with folding prongs that plugs into the wall and charges two devices through its two USB ports. When you’re in a car, one of the USB ports can be removed and plugged into a cigarette lighter receptacle to charge one device. $30;

Just Mobile’s Gum Plus 4,400 mAh high capacity battery pack provides a reservoir of power to recharge an iPhone four times over. It’s an aluminum-clad package half the size of a pack of cigarettes. It charges up overnight from a notebook’s USB port and then charges any device with a connecting mini-USB cord. $70;

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