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Haitian Schools Re-Open & Latest Haiti News Updates

Haitian schools reopenSchool was back in session in Haiti on Monday for the first time since the earthquake on January 12.

Schools in Port-au-Prince and other towns opened their doors to students, although activities will be limited until they can be completely rebuilt.

Even with the limited activity, opening the schools and giving children a return to their routine is expected to be a big boost for the community.

Military airlifts from Haiti have resumed this week after a controversial decision to bring them to a halt. It’s still extremely difficult to get to Haiti. There’s a bottleneck at the Haiti airport with a waiting list of 1,000 flights. Driving in Haiti isn’t any easier. What was once a six-hour drive from the Dominican Republic now takes 18 hours.

On the ground, the UN World Food Program has devised a way to desperate and unruly men away from distribution sites. Their plan is to give food and food vouchers to the female heads of households.

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Barbra StreisandMeanwhile, celebrities are chipping in by recording a new version of “We Are the World” for Haiti earthquake victims. The original song was recorded 25 years ago to raise awareness of famine in Africa.

More than 70 stars contributed their vocal talent to the song, including Barbra Streisand, Kanye West, Miley Cyrus, Celine Dion and Lil Wayne.

The song will premiere during coverage of the Vancouver Winter Olympics on February 12 and will be accompanied by a video shot by Paul Haggis.

All proceeds from the sales of the song and video will go to setting up an organization to monitor disbursement money.

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