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Haiti Earthquake Guide: News, Resources & Links

Haitian flagThe Haiti earthquake has killed hundreds of thousands and left millions more homeless.

Even as the story is pushed further from the headlines, recovery and humanitarian efforts will continue.

Make sure to check our this page on to get all the latest Haiti news and learn about volunteer opportunities, how you can help Haiti, and more.

Haiti Donation & Volunteer Resources
Get direct links to humanitarian organizations accepting donations and aid.

Haiti Schools Re-Open & Haiti Relief Efforts Updates
Haiti’s schools are reopening. Stay on top of the latest developments in Haiti as they happen.

Haiti Disaster Scam Warning
The humanitarian response to the disaster in Haiti has been inspiring. But there are fiends out there who are looking to take advantage of the goodwill of others. Keep reading to get the latest donation scam warnings from the FBI and tips to help you make sure your donations end up in the right hands.

Cruise Ships in Haiti: Right or Wrong?
The Royal Caribbean cruise line recently came under fire for continuing to make stops on Haiti’s northern coast while thousands of people were fighting for life just hours away in the southern portions of the country. But could bringing tourists to the island actually help Haiti?

Haiti Earthquake News: Helping Haiti Travel & Tourism
Before the devastating earthquake rocked Haiti on January 12, the island was actually being considered a burgeoning tourist hot spot, with several development projects either recently completed, or in the works. But what kind of effect will this disaster have on the future of tourism in Haiti?

First Response to the Haiti Earthquake
Find out how the travel industry came together in the days immediately following the disaster.

Helping Haiti: A Guide to Helping Haitians
The earthquake killed hundreds of thousands and left millions more homeless, devastating a nation that was already dependent on humanitarian efforts. Click here for a complete and comprehensive guide to what you can do to help the people in Haiti.