Whale Watching for Free

Whale-watching season is here, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank on an expensive charter boat. In many cases, you can spot whale migrations for free.

Between January and April, gray whales make their pilgrimage from the waters around Alaska down the Baja Peninsula, and then return north in the Spring.

That means in winter months, you can see the whales migrating from points in the Pacific Northwest all the way down to Mexico.

In Oregon, good viewing points include Cape Lookout State Park, and Boiler Bay State Park.

Down south, in Los Cabos, Mexico, whales tend to stick to the shallow lagoons around San Ignacio, Magdalena Bay and Ojo de Liebre, and often get close enough to shore to be visible from land.

Between April and October, the beaches near Provincetown, Massachusetts are the place to see finback and humpback whales.

Check out Race Point and Herring Cove beaches, which are a short bike ride from Provincetown.

In the summer, the Orcas migrate past Washington State.

On the west side of San Juan Island, a state park nicknamed Whale Watch Park is considered one of the best spots to view the whales that come right up to the shoreline.

And here’s a tip: if whale-watching is high on your priority list, come prepared with portable chair, a cooler and a pair of binoculars to enjoy the show…for free.

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