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New Carry-On Restrictions

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With the latest bombing attempt, you can expect to face even stricter carry-on restrictions. Here’s what you need to know…

In most cases, confiscated items include items like scissors, pocket knives and nail clippers. But then there are really wacky items as well.

There are stories of a chainsaw, an auto transmission and a sausage grinder.

And then there’s the guy who tried to bring two gallons of gasoline because he was afraid of running out of gas driving home from the airport.

The good news is that many airports now have facilities where you can send items home if you don’t want to lose them.

If you get caught with an illicit pair of nail clippers, ask if there’s a mailing facility, or even a regular US Post Office.

Some airports have services like Airport Mailers and MailSafe Express which can properly package items like knives and lighters to mail back safely.

They charge an additional fee on top of regular postal-service rates.

If you’re lucky enough to travel through Daytona Beach, you can take advantage of the airport’s free mail-back program!

Or, do what I do and play it safe. There’s no point in making the travel experience even more of a hassle.

So guys, please leave the chainsaws at home.

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