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Theme Park Safety

It’s summer, and you know what that means … time to hit the amusement park! But like anything else, it’s worth knowing what you’re getting into, and that means researching ahead of time.

The fact is, roller coasters and other amusement park rides can—and have—seriously injured riders.

There is no official source keeping a record of theme park accidents. One great resource is the Amusement Safety Organization, an independent organization that tracks theme park accidents.

You can also check with them to find out which specific rides are known to cause minor injuries like back pain or whiplash.

Another helpful resource is Theme Park Insider, which also independently tracks accidents.

They also offer tips on how to stay safe and healthy at the amusement park, especially in the summer.

That includes being hydrated even before you enter the park.

And when on any theme park ride, keep your head and torso straight and centered, and focus on the track ahead of you to help prevent injury.

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