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Daniel Seddiqui Living the Map: 50 Jobs, 50 States, 50 Weeks

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Welder in MissouriTalk about a crazy travel challenge.

Meet Daniel Seddiqui, who is on a quest to work 50 jobs in 50 states in 50 weeks.

Find out how it’s going so far in this interview from Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio

PG: Daniel, I have to ask: why?

DS: That does sound crazy when you say it. I couldn’t find a job when I graduated from USC with an economics degree. I traveled around the country trying to get my foot in the door; I lived in five different states, and every state that I lived in, I had a whole new cultural experience. So I got really curious about what other states had to offer, and what America could offer in terms of cultural experiences.

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Logging in OregonPG: I’m looking at the list and you’re almost there. You’ve worked in Salt Lake City, you were a hydrologist in Denver, and you were a cartographer in Fargo, North Dakota. You were a park ranger in Wyoming, a corn farmer in Omaha, a real estate agent in Boise, Idaho—now this one is interesting—you were a logger in Medford, Oregon and you lived to tell the tale?

DS: Yes, and also a coal miner in West Virginia and a border patrol officer in Arizona. I’ve done a lot of labor-intensive jobs.

PG: Here’s one you wouldn’t get me to do—you were a meat packer in Topeka, Kansas?

Meatpacker in KansasDS: Oh, yeah, let’s not talk about that one.

PG: Followed by being a dietitian in Jackson, Mississippi, one of the fattest states in America. What’s left on your list?

DS: I have five more states to go. I’m working with the Democratic Party in New Hampshire, lobster fishing in Maine, I was thinking about doing outdoor photography in Alaska, surfing instructor in Hawaii, and host of Dirty Jobs in California, my home state.

New Jersey CounselorPG: Of all the jobs you’ve done, what’s the one you’d want to do again?

DS: I’ve been thinking back. The place where my personality fit the most and was the most fulfilling was being a dietitian in Mississippi. Just going out there and changing people’s lives was very fulfilling to me, and I could wake up every morning doing that.

PG: Well, you also worked as a child counselor in New Jersey.

DS: That was another one, absolutely. And even showcasing them–the different careers and cultures–inspired the kids because a lot of them feel like they’re going to be stuck in a rut when they become my age.

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Modeling Can Be Difficult WorkPG: So I guess we can take meat packer off the list. And modeling? You were a model?

DS: I would take that off the list; that was hard! Posing for eight hours a day, taking 3,000 different photos. And it was humid out there in North Carolina.

PG: So you can take model off the list, meat packer off the list, coal miner …

DS: Making cheese in Wisconsin. It was backbreaking work, literally. A tall person like me bending over, mixing the curds and whey, was pretty hard. Although fried cheese curds was one of the best dishes I’ve ever had.

Wedding WalkupPG: Last but not least, you did weddings in Las Vegas.

DS: I was an ordained minister and I married two couples. I also drove a limousine, I was a florist and did some photography that week.

PG: When you’re done, what are you going to do?

DS: Like I said, I’m going to try one of those jobs that suited my personality, like a dietitian in Mississippi.

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