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Transform Your Next Family Road Trip Into a History Lesson

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Taking a scenic drive is one thing, but why not travel a route that has some history? Check out these planning tools for your next historic family road trip.

The Lewis and Clark trail stretches more than 4,600 miles from Philadelphia all the way west to Oregon.

It covers so much terrain that it’s easy to plan anything from a day trip to a coast-to-coast journey.

So plan it on, which has state-by-state guides to historic centers and memorial sites.

Then there’s the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail, which commemorates 19th century Cherokee Indians forced to move west.

It’s more than 2000 miles long, crossing nine states.

The historic trail features many Cherokee heritage sites in each state.

And don’t forget about the Pony Express Trail.

It’s another 2,000-mile trek from Missouri to California.

If you’d rather watch than ride, then every June, hundreds of people from the National Pony Express Association actually reenact the ten-day ride in full costume.

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