Airlines, Airplane Seats and Overweight Passengers

If you’re a plus-sized traveler, you know that traveling on an airplane can be difficult. So which airlines are more helpful than others in dealing with this issue?

Southwest Airlines has a long-standing policy that overweight passengers have to purchase a second seat.

If you paid a discounted fare, you get the second seat for the same price and if you paid a full fare, the second seat costs the same as a child’s fare.

The nice part about Southwest is that if the flight isn’t full, you can get a refund for that second seat.

JetBlue deals with this situation on a case-by-case basis.

Delta, United, and American don’t have any specific policies, but the general rule of thumb is if you can’t fasten your seatbelt during takeoff and landing, even with one of those seatbelt extenders, you’re going to have to purchase that second seat or you can’t fly.

And if you’re flying in Canada, you may be in luck.

Last year, the Canadian Supreme Court upheld a rule that plus-sized passengers can get a second seat for free on domestic flights.

Of course, now Air Canada and West Jet want those passengers to have their doctor fill out a form, but stay tuned to see what happens with that.

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