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Interactive Wine Tours in Vineyards With Connoisseurs

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If you’re into learning about wine, you may already be tired of looking at oak barrels and elbowing the crowds in that terrible tasting room. So what if you could learn about the winemaking process?

Zephyr Adventures offers multi-winery tours that goes a lot deeper than looking at the vines from a distance.

A five-day walking tour in Sonoma lets you hike with a viticulturalist through the actual vineyards to learn about the biology and science behind grape growing.

Two Mountain Winery in Washington’s Yakima Valley lets wine lovers unleash their inner grape farmer. That’s right, it’s a hands-on vineyard session.

It’s about $100, depending on the season, and you’ll learn what it takes to grow premium wine grapes.

The more serious wine lovers should take a tour with Mendoza Wine Holidays, which takes you on a private tour of Argentina’s wine-growing region.

I’ve been there, and believe me it’s worth it.

You’ll get up close and personal with local winemakers who will take you on a walk around the vineyards and explain the history and future plans of each winery.

For more, check out New Alcohol Tours as well as the Wine Boot Camp Chronicles.

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