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April 18, 2009: Cooperstown, New York

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Peter is broadcasting his radio show this Saturday from the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.

Mayor Carol Waller will talk about the civic life of Cooperstown and tell you what to see while you visit.

Pamela Brodowsky, author of Destination Wildlife, will tell us about the best places to see endangered and rare animals in their natural habitats.

Carolyn Spencer Brown, editor-in-chief of, will tell us what’s new in cruising.

Shannon Stowell
, president of the Adventure Travel Trade Association, will explain why Kurdistan is a safe place to visit.

Jeff Idelson, president of the Baseball Hall of Fame, will discuss what you can expect to find there.

James May, president and CEO of the Air Transport Association, will discuss how new Congressional legislation could affect your travels.

Chris Rossi, curator of the Fenimore Art Museum, will share his stories about the the people and places painted and sculpted within the museum’s walls.

Matthew Parker, author of Panama Fever, will tell us about the fascinating story of how the Panama canal was built.

Erin Crissman, curator of the Cooperstown Farmer’s Museum, will tell us what life was like in Cooperstown circa 1845.

Cooperstown historian Paul Kuhn will tell us about Cooperstown’s past and discuss the 100th anniversary of the Otesaga Resort Hotel.

Ben Mutzabaugh, travel reporter for USA Today, will discuss this week’s travel headlines.

Beth Greer, author of Super Natural Home, will give us more tips to stay healthy while traveling.

Check out these selected interviews with Paul Kuhn, Carolyn Spencer Brown and Jeff Idleson: