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Car Pool and Ride Share Services Online For Cash Strapped Travelers

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If you’re trying to save on costs by sharing a ride to the airport, it’s become easier than ever to find a carpooling buddy.

You may have heard of Super Shuttle which offers shared door-to-door service, but the downside is that it can involve a lot of waiting as it picks up and drops off multiple passengers.

There’s also a site called, which is a free service designed specifically for airport-bound travelers.

You just enter you pick-up time and location and the service will match you up with another rider.

You will be contacted by the car service company and you just cut your fare in half.

Right now Hitchster operates in New York and San Francisco and will soon expand to Boston and Washington D.C.

There’s another Web site called that matches people based on their initial or final destination and groups them together.

Another cool feature of RideAmigos is the eco-friendly calculator.

It tells you how much CO2 you will save by ride sharing.

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