President’s Day: The World’s Hottest Leaders

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Obama wears shadesThere’s been plenty of hullabaloo surrounding the inauguration of Barack Obama as the new President of the United States.

After all, he’s not only the first African-American President, but he’s got global roots, soaring oratory and a wicked jumpshot.

But lost in all the hoopla is the fact that Barack Obama is not the only world leader likely to sit at the cool kids’ table.

So on this President’s Day, check out our light-hearted guide to the world’s hottest heads of state.

Jose Socrates
Prime Minister, Portugal
Jose SocratesThe first entrant on the list is Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Socrates. Little-known outside Europe, Socrates was Minister of Youth and Sports as well as Environment Minister before leading his Socialist Party to victory in elections in 2005. Since then, the now-divorced Socrates (he’s single, ladies!) has had his share of political controversies, which include spats over transportation, education and technology. His latest headlines concern his push to make Portugal the newest country to approve gay marriage (he’s friendly, gays!).

But Socrates also has a rebellious streak that would be recognizable to teenagers everywhere. A few months after a smoking ban went into effect in Portugal, Prime Minister Socrates was caught smoking on board a private flight bound for Venezuela. While the savvy politico apologized and promised to quit smoking, few Portuguese are sure he actually has.

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