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2009’s Hot or Not for Travel Vacations

Locations in this article:  Chicago, IL Honolulu, HI Moscow, Russia


HOT: Obamacations
Barack Obama What do Chicago and Honolulu have in common? They’ve been touched by our President-elect, and that translates into a tourism gold mine. Both Chicago and Honolulu feature sites that the Obama and his family has visited over the years … so travel like an Obama and grab a bite any time of day at Zippy’s on Oahu and swing by 57th Street Books in Chicago’s Hyde Park.

And while you’re at it, why not travel like Joe Biden or visit Sarah Palin’s Alaska?

NOT: Staycations
We don’t believe in that term, and neither should you. With dropping cruise prices and the rise in popularity of budget-minded options like home exchanges, homestays and couch surfing—heck, there’s even something called “airbed surfing” now—great travels are still possible.