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Staying Healthy in Hotel Rooms

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What’s the dirtiest thing in a hotel room – the one object with the highest level of bacteria? Wanna guess?

It’s the TV remote control.

And I’ll give you a second to think about why.

And here’s what else you need to know before you ever open that hotel room door.

The first thing I do when I enter a hotel room is take off the bedspread.

Then I put it in the corner and I never touch it again.

The next thing you want to do is take the water glasses from the bathroom and run them under hot water for at least a minute.

Those glasses may never have seen the inside of a dishwasher – a lot of times the maids just wipe them down. Can you saw “eeeeeewwww?”

Always keep a pack of sanitizing wipes with you when you travel.

Wipe down that remote control, the phone, even the door handles, which are rarely cleaned.

Put your luggage on the luggage racks instead of on the floor or on the bed.

Why? I’ll give you two words: bed bugs.

To make sure your room is bed bug-free, inspect your sheets, mattress, and box springs for tell-tale dark blood spots that bed bugs leave behind.

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