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Don’t Go There coverWe have all suffered through bad vacations: tourist traps, endless lines, rundown hotels, and the worst airports on earth.

The world abounds in dismal destinations, and it’s just as important to know the hellholes to avoid as it is to be familiar with the most “idyllic” spots—especially when some don’t deserve their reputations.

Often it is not until you arrive that you find out that your stunning lakeside hotel is really perched on the beachless shores of a swampy puddle.

In DON’T GO THERE! (November 11, 2008; $17.95; Paperback), the follow-up to his New York Times bestseller, The Complete Travel Detective Bible, NBC’s Today show Travel Editor Peter Greenberg offers his expert, hard-won knowledge of where not to go, when not to go, and why you never should go. Readers will learn:

  • The cities and countries with the most pollution, the highest crime rates, and the worst disease rates.
  • Highways to steer clear of, unless you like being in accidents.
  • The most dangerous theme parks.
  • Hotels that are consistently cited for bedbugs, Legionnaires disease, and overall filth.
  • The stinkiest cities, be it from manure, hog farms, or cereal production.
  • Where not to ride a bike for fear of sinkholes.
  • Airports to avoid at all costs and the runways that gives pilots permanent bragging rights.
  • The airlines that have the worst safety record and the trains that derail the most.
  • And so much more…

During these tough economic times, this is a must-have resource to save thousands of travelers from vacation tragedy and needless expense.

The early reviews are in…here’s what people are saying about Don’t Go There!:

Feeling bad that you can’t afford a vacation? Travel books with titles like “Don’t Go There!” … may make you feel better. For $15 or so, you’ll get a laugh out of vacation horrors that you’ll be happy to miss.

San Jose Mercury News/AP

In travel, there is a huge appetite for boosterism among readers. People are often looking for new ideas and, new experiences. Reports from paradise can transport you there, even if you can’t afford to go. It’s fun, it’s entertaining, and it can be very useful. But I’ve always believed, and Greenberg does, too, that it’s important to shed light not just on the good but also on the bad. We need to expose problems and pitfalls, and shed light on bad practices in the travel industry to force change and improve travel for readers. We need to give people information they can use to improve their travel.

Wall Street Journal

Peter Greenberg is a brave soul. The travel editor for NBC’s Today show released a book this week that is going to put him on tourist boards’ black lists from Missouri to Mumbai.

The Dominion Post (Morgantown, WV)

…We wish he would have told more of his own stories, but he uses them to cut through categories like Most Depressing Places (Alaska: “How happy can you be when you have to dress in layers?”) and still have fun. Don’t Go There! is just as flippant as its title, but seasoned and rookie travelers alike can learn something from it., Pop Culture Travel Guide

One of the world’s “must-miss” places? Should somebody set Greenberg straight about Cleveland? … We’ll forward your comments to Greenberg along with an invitation to spend some time in the city – no Kevlar vest necessary.

Cleveland Plain Dealer

In a great twist on the same-old travel guidebooks, Travel Detective Peter Greenberg’s latest offering clues you in on all the places you shouldn’t waste valuable vacation time visiting.

It’s no secret that Hereford is known for its “smell of money.” …. I also happen to find the smell of the ethanol plant to be quite pleasing … And while I find what he had to say about Hereford a slap in the face, I have to confess my own guilt of writing about Hereford’s lack of appeal as a tourist destination just a few weeks ago. Maybe this book is the wake-up call our civic leaders need to start thinking about things and events that could make Hereford a travel destination.

Blogger Joe Southern
Peter Greenberg is the preeminent expert on travel. He is the Travel Editor for NBC’s Today show, a contributing editor for Men’s Health and Best Life, travel editor-at-large for AARP, publisher of, and his national weekly radio show is heard on more than 130 stations, XM satellite radio, and Armed Forces Radio Network. In those rare moments when he is not traveling, he lives in New York, Los Angeles, and Bangkok.

Don’t Go There! The Travel Detective’s Essential Guide to the Must-Miss Places of the World
On Sale: November 11, 2008
Paperback Original/$17.95
ISBN 10: 1-60529-994-4
ISBN 13: 978-1-60529-994-5

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