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Inside the NewsIn case you didn’t have time to check out our Web site this past week, here’s a quick summary of what you missed:

Los Angeles may be known for its movie stars and year-round sunshine, but there’s also a dark side to the city. In Real-Life Ghost Hunters: In the Footsteps of Legendary Los Angeles Murders Corinne Crockett traces a path through the sites of some of the headline-grabbing murders that have taken place in the City of Angels.

In World’s Largest Airline is Born; Delta-Northwest Merger Approved we discuss the details of the merger that created the world’s biggest airline, and what impact it will have on travelers.

Italy has a new specialty museum to add to the list which includes the Museum of Pasta and the Film and Entertainment Museum. But this one’s all about mental illness and insanity. Read the whole story in Mad About Museums in Rome.

Peter created a bit of a media flap last week after a comment he made about air service in Kansas ruffled some people’s feathers. Peter talks about the airport controversy and several other timely travel topics in his weekly blog post.

Read our news summary, Hawaii Tourism Struggles As Economy Sours, for more details on how the state’s tourism numbers are down by leaps and bounds compared to last year.

In Boeing Strike Nears End, we discuss how production of Boeing’s 787 “Dreamliner” may soon get back on track now that a strike involving 27,000 machinists is nearing its end.

In Travel-Testing TSA-Friendly Laptop Computer Bags, gadget aficionado Phil Baker puts two new laptop cases to the test, both of which purport to be TSA checkpoint-friendly.

Could zeppelins be making a comeback? No, not the ’70s rock band – the airships. In Tired of Airplanes? How About a Zeppelin? we look at the history of zeppelins and the company that is bringing them to the USA for the first time in 71 years.

Artist Sylvia Shap is best-known for her portraits of famous people. However, her own house is full of paintings of people she has met on her extensive travels. Jamie Simons tell us why in Grateful Traveler: Color My World.

It’s Halloween, which for Peter means it’s time to find some of America’s scariest haunted hotels! On the Today show on Thursday Peter talked to Amy Robach about five historic hotels where guests just might catch a glimpse of something otherworldly during their stay.

In Traveling Mom’s Tips on Easy Family-Friendly Destinations author Margot Black suggests some destinations that are relaxing for parents but fun for kids, along with some advice on how to get there with less hassle.

If you’re an eco-conscious traveler who wants to see the world’s pyramids, forests and beaches before global warming and development swallow them up, a recently-released book tells you about the 500 best places to go before they disappear.

Peter’s old friend, jet-setting fashionista Suzy Gershman, sends her latest postcard to Peter from San Antonio, Texas, a city whose retail landscape has changed quite a bit since she grew up there.

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