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Misleading Brochures

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You may have noticed that some travel brochures and Web sites often use misleading words and images to encourage you to stay at a certain hotel, fly a specific airline, or visit a specific country.

You’ve got to watch out for the language.

Especially words that have superlatives or end in “st” like best, greatest, and cleanest.

Don’t trust those brochures that promise an ocean view, or you may need binoculars.

And when a brochure says the place is just around the corner, or steps away from the beach, you better start getting those walking shoes ready because in some cases “steps away” can mean a mile.

Don’t just watch out for the language, watch out for the photos.

That’s right, Photoshop allows people to make images look a completely different way.

The hotel may look like it’s on the beach but it was taken from a long distance when in fact it’s across a four lane highway.

Watch out for the language and watch out for those photos.

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