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Unexpected Wine Destinations

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These days, not only are unexpected countries producing wine, but they’re making it available right here in the U.S.

Did you know that India has a booming wine industry?

The Nashik area near Mumbai (formerly Bombay) is India’s reigning wine capital.

You could spend thousands to fly in for a tasting, or head to your local Indian restaurant and ask for a bottle from the Sula winery.

It’ll cost you about $13.

Ethiopia makes honey wine, known as Tej, which has been produced since Queen Sheba’s time.

Turns out, this sweet wine can be found on most Ethiopian menus, so you don’t need to travel far.

And even China is joining the wine scene.

China Wine Tours offers a 10-day tour of wineries in and around Beijing, starting at about $3,000 including airfare.

To get the flavor locally, ask for Dynasty wine available at Asian restaurants and specialty supermarkets.

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