Overcome Your Fear of Flying

If you’re afraid to fly, why not conquer your fear with someone who knows the drill better than anybody—a pilot!

Captain Tom Bunn, a retired Pan Am pilot and licensed therapist, offers both a six-week video course and one-on-one phone counseling sessions to help combat your fear of flying.

Part of his strategy is to teach participants about the inner workings of aircraft, so you won’t be scared by the strange bumps and noises that occur during flight.

Captain Ron Nielsen, a pilot for American Airlines, offers an online course for $57 that includes two-and-a-half hours of tips and techniques on how to overcome your fears, and facts on why flying really is one of the safest forms of transportation.

And, Captain Meryl Getline, who is a retired United Airlines pilot and author, offers a fear of flying seminar on CD and e-book for $67, plus a 90-minute consultation for an extra fee.

Learn more about overcoming your Fear of Flying here.

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