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Recycled Hotels

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You may have heard of hotels going green, but some hoteliers are taking it to the extreme by building overnight accommodations entirely out of recycled materials.

Ever thought about sleeping in a wine barrel?

That’s right, in the Dutch town of Stavoren, several 15,000-liter wine vats have been converted into hotel rooms that sleep two, starting at about $180 a night.

In New Zealand is one of our favorite concepts: a Vietnam War-era Bristol Fighter plane that has been converted into a two-room motel.

It costs about $110 a night to sleep in the tail, and slightly more to bunk in the cockpit.

And, here’s an unusual one: in the United Kingdom, Travelodge hotels is renting crates from China and stacking them to create an eight-floor, 120-room recycled hotel that costs about $40 a night.

These cheap and green accommodations are used in outdoor festivals and events, and may even make an appearance at the 2012 Olympics.

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