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Our Comprehensive Guide to Beijing and the Olympics

Locations in this article:  Beijing, China Hong Kong

china streetWhether you’re jetting to Beijing to see the Olympics first-hand, or just preparing to watch them on NBC, we’ve got all the information you could need to truly understand Beijing and China.

You’ll get help breaking the language barrier, tips on getting around in a fast-moving city, insight into Chinese culture, a guide to eating, and much, much more.

So go for the gold in knowledge of China and impress your friends as you settle in for the opening ceremonies…


Beijing Olympics: Basic Tips for Your Travels: If the Olympics have inspired you to venture to Beijing, we’ve simplified the planning process with these handy tips and resources.

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Looking for help on what to eat?

An Olympic Guide to Food in Beijing and China: Braised chicken feet? Stinky tofu? Find out more about China’s delicacies and other can’t-miss treats in this culinary cheat-sheet.

Noodling Around Asia: Culinary Travels in the East: Go beyond China and find out how to immerse yourself in the local foodie scene with hands-on cooking classes, culinary tours, market trips, and more.


Signs in China: A Guide to Understanding Common ‘Engrish’ Expressions: Check out our slideshow of one of the most delightful treats in modern-day China … bungled English signs that will confuse, misdirect and confound you.

The Symbol of 21st Century China Travel: Demolish: China got serious about upgrading Beijing in preparation for the Olympics, but at what cost?

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Tips to Banish Culture Shock in China: Pack along these travel tips to help minimize the culture shock and maximize your enjoyment.

Happy travels in China!